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PLEASAE NOTE: Due to exceptional demand on our services, we have no availability for Occupational Therapy intervention with new clients.  We will endeavor to accommodate timely assessments where possible.

Hannah Daly is an Occupational Therapist who has an extensive  history working with children with complex needs including Autism Spectrum DIsorder, and supporting adults and children with dyspraxia/DCD in both the public and private sector. She specialises in the assessment of fine and gross motor skills, DCD/Dyspraxia, sensory processing and other challenges. She has a high level of experience in helping children with concentration, organisation, daily living tasks such as dressing and independence, toilet training, sleep routines alongside play and social skills.  Hannah also has experience working with young adults with Dyspraxia and neurodiverse adults in forming healthy, meaningful life skills and routines and supporting them to navigate education and employment. 


Hannah has a MSc in Occupational Therapy, is a Advanced Sensory Integration practitioner (University of Ulster/SI Network) and has a BA in Performing Arts. She previously ran a theatre company of actors with disabilities and has facilitated workshops, course and seminars in self- advocacy, social skills and drama for adults and children with various disabilities.


Hannah is an active advocate for disability awareness and inclusion.  She was previously a member of the board of directors of Dyspraxia Ireland.  She has worked to promote dyspraxia awareness and is committed to promoting a positive social model of disability and advocating for inclusion.  To book in with Hannah, please use the appropriate link below.


Hannah Daly


CORU Reg: OT023383

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